Hypnosis is a safe, natural, relaxed state that we all experience every day.    It's that relaxed state just before you fall asleep, it's that time when we daydream, it's that time when we get to the bottom of the page of a book and can't recall what was written.  In hypnotherapy, this relaxed state is utilised for healing and positive reinforcement.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

CBT looks at our thoughts and behaviours and how they affect our lives.   Our mind is designed to react automatically once thoughts and behaviours are ingrained.   Just think of something scary and how the feelings follow.    CBT looks at how these thoughts and behaviours developed and how we can think and behave to help us to heal and reach our goals. 

Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP looks at how our mind works to communicate within ourselves and how we communicate with the outside world.   It also looks at how our minds are programmed, how we evaluate information and how we can develop a more positive attitude towards well-being, personal development and achieving our goals.


Coaching focuses on helping you discover the best way forward for you.   It helps challenge and develop your decisions and offers the motivation to reach those decisions and goals.    In this way it can also help with moving through issues and challenges that might otherwise become major problems.


There is no doubt, we are what we eat.   I also believe we need to enjoy our food and can use the many choices we have in maintaining a healthy weight to suit the lifestyle that is right for our individual paths.   We can then feel more energised and motivated to recognise and make the right choices and lead a more fulfilling life.



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